Investment Management


RB Capital Management, LLC and its advisors work with individuals and families throughout the United States. Every client’s account, no matter the account size, is custom designed and invested specifically to that client’s needs. All of our advisors follow the firm’s in-depth investment process.

The investment process begins with a client interview. Together, we complete an Investment Objective Questionnaire and use this information to create an appropriate Asset Allocation. Criteria used when developing an Asset Allocation include:

  • Age
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Tax Bracket
  • Total Wealth
  • Account Type
  • Financial Situation
  • Financial Goals
  • Cost Basis of Current Holdings
  • Current Holdings the Client Wishes to Keep

We examine all the client data we collect and recommend an allocation to best suit our clients’ specific circumstances and needs.

Businesses and Non-Profits

RB Capital Management, LLC also works with many businesses and non-profit accounts. Typically these types of accounts have even stricter guidelines and time frames than an individual client and we work diligently with the businesses owner(s) to design an investment allocation and plan to match with the investment parameters, the business’s investment policy statement (if they have one), time frames, and our client’s goals.