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Investing in Your Beliefs

July 27, 2020

It’s easy to wonder if Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) will give a good return. These days, a great deal of research may tell a different story. Even though past performance doesn’t guarantee future results, studies have shown that companies with higher environmental, social, and governance scores have the potential to outperform comparable firms in both accounting and stock market terms.[i]

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But how do you decide which companies deserve your investment? An excellent place to start is right here, with me. I can help you narrow down your investment ideas until they meet certain criteria, allowing you to completely avoid particular industries that may not align with your values.

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How you decide to invest your money can be a significant statement of your beliefs and principles when adopting an SRI strategy. For example, if someone is strongly opposed to gambling, they could choose not to invest in any company that contributes to that industry. On the flip side, if someone firmly believes in eco-friendly alternative energy sources, they could choose to invest in wind farms as a way to show their support. With SRIs, it's about combining your personal code with your investment strategy.

Let’s have a chat soon if you would like to discuss how crafting a portfolio that fits your beliefs may work for you.

[i] Morningstar, 2018